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Martial Arts Instruction Videos

Mixed Martial Arts Training Videos

At the Halls of Valhalla we are proud to finally offer to the public a new and innovative supply line of mixed martial arts training videos for the practitioner that seeks additional tools and information that is hard to find, not available or doesn't exist. We now offer the video series from the system known as
Multi-Range Combat Science (M.R.C.S.).

What is:

"Multi-Range Combat Science ?"

Multi-Range Combat Science is a continuously evolving combination of concepts, ideas, and disciplines from many martial arts styles that are fun and easy to learn. M.R.C.S. is geared to develop and enhance your natural attributes through regular, moderate training, gaining balance, flexibility, endurance, and a higher understanding of your true limits.

("He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened"   Tao-Te Ching).

Through intense, rigorous training, you would develop to your fullest potential, harnessing your focus and gain a full sense of all 5 ranges of Martial arts, understanding why Multi-Range Combat Science (M.R.C.S.)
is a full circle system.

                    There are 5 ranges of
                    hand to hand combat :    

                           5. Long Range
                            4. Mid Range
                          3. Short Range
                            2. Grappling
                             1. Ground

                  and weapon applies to all.              

Whether you are a man, women, or child (aged 9 to 90), you will learn to strengthen your body and mind while raising your spirit into harmony, as you advance in your training with Multi-Range Combat Science. With enough training and time to cultivate, you will reach new levels of understanding
the world of mixed martial arts.

"Civilize the mind and make savage the body". (ancient Chinese proverb)

Multi-Range Combat Science Training Video Set

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Ground Fighting Submissions, Cage fighting, Bouncer, Kick Boxing, Health, Bodyguard, Self Defense, Fitness/ Strength Training, Combat, Knife, Sword, Double Sword, Sword & Tomahawk with Dagger, Karambit, or Amputee One hand Defense/ Offense, what ever the subject may be, you will have a refrense with this DVD set. Unlike many other systems, Multi-Range Combat Science calls "basics" what other systems call "advanced". This set will give more than a black belt level of many martial art styles. The most important apect of this set is you will gain experience
in all these aspects ! You will Recieve the complete
Multi-Range Combat Science video set with this order.

The instructor of this series is a 6 time cage fighting compeditor that holds a Guru statis who has taught: Detectives, Body Guards, Navy Seals, Bouncers, Airborn Rangers, Bounty Hunters, P.I's., Cage Fighters, House Wives, Bussiness Owners along with many other unique idividuals & currently donates his time to the
Young Champions of Monroe.


$149.95 ea.      

MMA Training

It should be known, that these instruction videos are considered "shorts". While the footage is not Hollywood quality, you will get techniques and concepts unavailable in many series, or even with personal instruction.

The techniques within this work are strenuous and a physician should be consulted before taking part of any type of training regimen !

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Mixed Martial Arts Training Videos